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Since its founding in 2009, Forculus has served an impressive roster of private business clients. In recent years, it has developed particular expertise in support of complex private sector energy, transportation, health and information technology infrastructure operations with extensive public relations and community outreach requirements. Our ongoing representation in all communications and public relations matters for the Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico is perhaps one the most illustrative of the breadth and depth of the services we can render for our clients. As communications and public relations agency of record for the FOMB since its inception, we have planned and executed all of its communications, media management and public relations outputs, including the design and production of its graphic identity; design and management of its webpage; design and production of all of its public meetings, both in Puerto Rico and New York, including their simultaneous livestream transmission via Internet in English, Spanish and Sign Language; research, drafting and distribution of all press releases and other official statements; research and drafting of issue briefings for Members and staff; media management of both local and national press, radio, TV and electronic outlets; “ghost” writing of all op-eds and columns published by Members and Senior Staff; drafting of all keynotes and other public speaking engagements of the FOMB Chairman; collaboration in the drafting and editing of official FOMB correspondence, congressional testimony and other public statements, among many other functions.


In addition, FORCULUS has performed communications, public relations and media management services for several information technology companies, as well as the Government of Puerto Rico, including the Government Development Bank for Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rico Public-Private Partnership Authority, the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company, the Office of the Governor of Puerto Rico and the Office of Management and Budget.

Strategic Communications Services

We can provide our clients a whole range of services that includes, but is not limited to:


  • General communications and public relations consultancy;

  • Research, development and execution of all general communications and public relations outputs (press releases, op-eds, et al)

  • Communications and public affairs strategic planning;

  • Local and national media monitoring

  • Traditional local, national and international media relationship management

  • Communications and local media training for company officials and spokespersons

  • Crisis and issue management

  • Website and social media content development and management

  • Brand development and management

  • Advertising consultancy

  • Grassroots, community and key stakeholders outreach solutions

  • All other related communications and public affairs functions.

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